The Big Picture_Sang 12

While her peers were playing hopscotch and chasing boys, Sang Kromah was busy being “Harriet the Spy”. She was first introduced to the book in the second grade, and from then on, it was her Holy Grail. She would spy on her family and neighbors, writing the things she had observed in her leather-bound journal; making comments, and notes on the subtle things they did that no one else would notice. She had the ability to pinpoint quirks that made them stand out; those little character traits that set them apart from others. And from her notes, many of her stories were born.

These days, her “spying” is now considered observing as she has honed her ability to gage individuals or situations, extracting those unique identifiers, and capitalizing on them.

She’s passionate about discovering the best of people and situations, and transforming them into the phenomenal. Whether it’s fictionalizing the life of a person she’s had a brief encounter with for a novel, or moving half-way around the world to determine a country’s needs and creating projects to fill those voids, she always finds and establishes what is unseen by others.

Sang Kromah grew up in the sleepy suburb of Sykesville, Maryland, the setting of her debut novel Concealed.  As a child, Kromah would sit in the living room with her brother and listen to her parents recount the fairytales of their native land of Liberia, absorbing in the words and pictures.  Born a storyteller, Kromah would run away with the words, creating her own stories with the mythical, alluring creatures in her head.

Among the fables of night-walkers, sirens that lived in the ocean and beings that drank blood, one that stood out to Kromah was that of the “Djinn.”  Delving deeper into the word, her research led her to similar stories from various countries of creatures that went by different names, but most of them were about magic lamps and three wishes, which wasn’t the direction she wanted to take.  Eventually her father pointed her to the Latin root “Janna” which means to conceal, and so the idea for her novel was born.  While writing the novel, Sang became so absorbed by all the research and legends that she created that she started to see signs of these mythical beings in other people.  So real was the world she dreamed up that she would startle herself while taking the train or walking to get coffee!

While Concealed is Kromah’s debut novel, she is no stranger to writing. She freelances for a variety of jobs, being a Copywriter, Editor and Public Relations Specialist.  Kromah also, interned at Seventeen Magazine.  While most would think that that would be enough to be kept busy, Kromah also models in her “spare time,” with notable appearances in Essence Magazine and Jet Magazine.

Like any well-rounded New Yorker, Kromah is a quirky film-fanatic and adventurous foodie, with a well stamped passport and a keen fashion sense. Her greatest achievement thus far is having written Concealed.  She remembers when as a kid, whenever she’d have to introduce herself in class, she always said she would, one day, write the next Great American Novel. Kromah’s not the type to go back on her word. Sang has completed the second book in the series, Folon, but is looking into re-releasing the entire series.

Sang’s current project is Maggie May I, her first Romance novel. She’s currently pitching this project to agents.

About Kromah’s charity:  Kromah is involved with Resources and Outreach for Liberia, which assists refugees in America, internally displaced persons in Africa, and delivers medical and education programs in Liberia.