Concealed Blog Tour

I am planning a blog tour that will take place from Monday, January 9th to Thursday, February 9th.

Hey book bloggers, interested?

I plan on doing a blog a day almost every day during that period.

You can choose to write a review, I could do a guest post with any theme from Concealed (your choice), Author Interview, Character Interview, Concealed Fun Facts, a Concealed Movie Casting Call (I blogged about a few options a while ago here), or any idea you may have for your own blog. Also, Bijou is hosting a giveaway of random books on my blog, another way to go would be to tie that in.

I will also provide books for giveaways…if you are doing one. Also I’m going to try to get TLT to send me a lot of bookmarks & maybe even a couple posters, but I’ll let you guys know. I also plan on ordering the books before January 1st, so it doesn’t take too long to get to winners.

Okay, so here are the rules (nothing spectacular or mind blowing, but I figure I need rules :-)):

  • Have FUN!!!
  • Invite your friends and spread the word to your followers
  • Send ideas, interest, and inquiries to contact@sangkromah.com by December 28th.
  • If you are doing an interview or anything that needs my input, please let me know at least 5 days before your scheduled tour stop
  • Please email me 3 different dates that you would like to host your stop on and I will make the schedule accordingly
  • Use the official banner and/or button on blog and post
  • Encourage followers to comment on your posts
  • Include a synopsis of Concealed
  • If you have any special requests let me know

Also feel free to let other bloggers know about the tour. The more bloggers, the merrier! :-)

Links to Concealed:

Let me know if you have questions or suggestions.

For review copies or interview requests, please contact:

Marlen Komar

The Little Things Publishing, LLC

Email: marlen@tltpublishing.com

(When requesting a review copy, please provide a street address.)


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