Have You Heard the Story of the Girl?

When I was a kid, my parents would tell me stories about djinn. In Liberia, these stories are very popular, but one particular story always stuck with me about a girl named Femeni that escaped what should have been certain death at the hands of a notorious djinn. For years, I re-wrote different versions of that story, wondering if Femeni ever had any more encounters with the djinn, what happened to her, and what if she had a daughter of her own? I hounded my dad with questions about the story’s origin. He couldn’t give me much other than the Arabian and Islamic origins of the djinn, so I created my own legend, based on tradition and lore.

Some believe that at birth, we’re each born with a guardian attached to us, watching from afar, but never seen. Truth is, there are certain people, special people, born of this world and of the other, who need that extra protection. They go their entire lives, unaware of the other world, and unaware of the existence of their own personal watcher, watching from afar. But what happens when fate takes a turn for the worse, and The One who needs the aid of a watcher most can’t be found to be protected? This is where Djinn begins…

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